Haven’t we had enough? – Day 14

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” || Romans 3:23

Everyday, everywhere there have been multiple accounts of desperate call for help, whether it be through a child being sexually abused, through a mother’s decision to abort her offspring, a father’s dilemma of providing for his family, through the problem of world hunger, political and economic problems of the world… it just would not stop. I (sadly, most of the time) feel hopeless in this world.

The world has gone cold… not only literally because its winter, but cold-cold. It brings me back to a reflection when St. Paul wishes and longs to be brought “out” of this world. To be with God the Father and end the suffering. However, he continues on to say that his purpose to be presently in the world serves the people of God. I simply cannot. Sometimes it’s so easy for me to condemn people of the wrong things they do, and point it out like it is the front page headline in the newspaper. Why? Why are the news always about pointing out all the bad things in the world? Or sometimes reading comments from a video / post can also be disheartening.

Where is the love? Where is the hope?

I hope and pray for peace in the world. For Peace in Christ, because honestly I’ve had enough.

May we create change through ourselves this season.


“Just do it.” – Day 12

“You care too much.” My coworker had told me today. I do care too much. I worked an hour early and left an hour past my shift because of all the things we have to do at work. Honestly, it made me think… I do care too much. Even if it is already out of my capacity. It’s also unrecognized, unnoticed, or never mentioned ever on how much effort I put in my work. I care too much.

But the thing is, I don’t really do it because I care. I do it because I have to. I do it because I need to. And I guess my connection to today’s reflection is the same, no matter how much good we do in life. It will not always be recognized. You just do it because of the need. Jesus needs Your hands, eyes, ears, and mouth. Just do it for Jesus.

May we have more strength to go through each day.

“The Body of Christ” – Day 10

The reflection today talks about our awareness in our everyday lives. Society today draws more and more attention to success, wealth, and fame. We forget to be aware of the little things around us that doesn’t involve as such. It’s sad because it even happens in the church. We forget about what keeps us together. We forget that we have the Body of Christ. We take it for granted therefore ends up being a norm in our lives.

But the Body of Christ should not become a norm, because it should always transform. When we ourselves do not transform, then our awareness of Christ is lost in just a mere practice of tradition. The essence of Christ should always ignite our frail hearts leading us to a more passion in our faith and life. We are what we eat. We should start becoming like one.

May we be filled with more of You, Lord.

“We are a part of God’s family.” – Day 9

As I attended Simbang Gabi tonight, the priest had mentioned something that completely resonated with me during my Gospel reflection. The Gospel read at mass today was the story of Jesus’ genealogy–how it got from Adam to Jesus.

In our lives today, the people closest to us, or things we use everday, seem to be taken for granted. We tend to compare our lives/ourselves from others that it sometimes leads to a very upsetting life.

We have to realize that Jesus Himself came from a very complex genealogy. They are imperfect people. Just as Jesus calls His bride the Church, we are the household of God. A family of God, that even though we are imperfect people, God made us in His image.

We are made to be good, so be good.

May we all strive to live a life of holiness.

“It will get better.” – Day 7

“We can never have too much hope in God. He gives in the measure we ask.” – St. Therese of Lisieux

As I reflect on my day today, nothing seems to come to mind. I am physically exhausted of everything. Maybe I do have too much commitments, I take on too much. One thing I realized though is that when I do have that free time, I try to fill it with more things. It’s as if I am trying to fill my life with everything else except God. I can’t keep still. I say I don’t have time for prayer, but when I do my mind loses focus on God. I need to step back and realize God is trying to reach out. It will get better.

May we take a moment to immerse ourselves in God’s presence.

“God is with us.” – Day 4

I don’t know if I’m just a workaholic or I have work OCD. They probably both mean the same thing. Work is stressful at the moment, and my health have compensated for it. Sometimes I wonder (and I blogged about this already), why I’m still here? Am I not meant for something more? There is a deep ache in my heart, every time I think about it. I hate it. I love my job, but I hate what I have become.

Today’s reflection has taught me to rejoice through the suffering, through the ache, through the longing, because God is with us.

I am probably not meant to stay where I am at, but it is definitely shaping who I am today. I just pray that no matter how busy I become, I would always find the time and remember that there is a God, that He is here with me.

May we be filled with God’s presence throughout this season.

“Our God is a God of Hope” – Day 1

Today marks the beginning of Advent. Oh, how time flies! It is the last few weeks of the year and as I reflect on the things that occured this year, it makes me wonder… what happened?

We all look forward to the Christmas season. It’s a feel-good feeling. I love it because of the decorations, the chocolates, you can feel the joy in everyone. You can feel the hope. Hope in waiting.

In the Gospel today, Jesus asks us to “Be alert.” The time will come. Christopher West had mentioned that the bridgroom keeps her bride waiting to stretch her desire. This desire increases our hope, and without this desire or longing, there would be no hope.

There was or will always come a time when we have/will lose hope, and that’s okay. However, we always need to remember that at the end of the day “thy will be done”.

Fiat voluntร s tua.

A priest in his homily once said, all our prayers will be answered if we end our prayers in “thy will be done”. This means that we do not rely on ourselves anymore but God’s power. This is hope. This is trust. This is love.

May we be filled with joy this Advent season.