“A thousand years is like one day.” – Day 8

We have to realize that God is not bound by time and space. The reflection today made me realize that everything happens in God’s perfect timing. We probably think it is a bit unreasonable at times, but this longing and desire He puts in our hearts simply leads us back to Him.

We have to realize that putting God first at times can be challenging for many because of the time constraints with school, work, everyday life, etc. However, putting God first actually helps with our day. Putting God first will give us the peace we need for the day, because we have already offered the day in His hands

May we be filled with peace this Advent season.


“It will get better.” – Day 7

“We can never have too much hope in God. He gives in the measure we ask.” – St. Therese of Lisieux

As I reflect on my day today, nothing seems to come to mind. I am physically exhausted of everything. Maybe I do have too much commitments, I take on too much. One thing I realized though is that when I do have that free time, I try to fill it with more things. It’s as if I am trying to fill my life with everything else except God. I can’t keep still. I say I don’t have time for prayer, but when I do my mind loses focus on God. I need to step back and realize God is trying to reach out. It will get better.

May we take a moment to immerse ourselves in God’s presence.

“He’s gonna be there.” – Day 6

Today is the feast day of Immaculate Conception. As I listened to today’s readings and homily, I got to be honest, my mind was somewhere else. I’ve always loved Christmas season. But sometimes, the seasom itself gets to you. I am so busy that I don’t have time to actually focus on the reason for the season. I am so busy that even during the time of my reflection I think about things I have to do and stuff I need to finish. I am so busy that I am even blogging about how busy I am.

Honestly, this #bestadventever reflection thing that I am doing everyday is just my own compensation to give God time. How is my relationship with God at the moment? “When I have the time.” It’s sad and discouraging because I always set myself up for failure. Because by the end of it all, when I do not reach out to God… I get burnt out. I complain. I get angry. I get upset. I get hopeless. I need to remember to remember that “He’s gonna be there.” He will always going to be there.

May we be steadfast in our fiat to God just as Mary was, is, and always will be.

“We’re not home yet.” – Day 5

Matthew Kelly’s reflection of the day for #BestAdventEver is putting our hope not in ourselves, others, or things but putting our hope in Jesus. We are all pilgrims. We are still on a journey and we are not home yet. This might feel like home, but it is not where we are supposed to end up in.

Most of the time, we hope for things to come, to happen. However, when things do not go as we would like, we end up beating ourselves, others, or even God about it. We hope for things to happen for us, for “right now”. Our hopes do not coincide with God’s hopes and dreams for us. Because when both aligns, amazing things start to blossom. We see God’s bigger picture and not just our own. We have to put our hope in God, because only God can satisfy those hopes, dreams, aspirations, and desires.

May we be guided by Your love and unite us with Your desires.

“God is with us.” – Day 4

I don’t know if I’m just a workaholic or I have work OCD. They probably both mean the same thing. Work is stressful at the moment, and my health have compensated for it. Sometimes I wonder (and I blogged about this already), why I’m still here? Am I not meant for something more? There is a deep ache in my heart, every time I think about it. I hate it. I love my job, but I hate what I have become.

Today’s reflection has taught me to rejoice through the suffering, through the ache, through the longing, because God is with us.

I am probably not meant to stay where I am at, but it is definitely shaping who I am today. I just pray that no matter how busy I become, I would always find the time and remember that there is a God, that He is here with me.

May we be filled with God’s presence throughout this season.

“Our lives should lead to a hopeful world.” – Day 3

Where would I be now if lost hope? They say that your hopes and dreams are the drive to your actions. But, sometimes those hopeful/wishful thinking brings about our worst times. Those hopes sometimes bring about our deepest hurts, failures, and sufferings. Why would the Lord put those desires in my heart only to crush me?

My relationship with the Lord had reached its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s been stagnantly on the downside. And I can hear that tug in my heart, that feeling of hopelessness when I am very far “down”. It’s no longer “Christ in me” but my own. And when we reach those points in our lives we feel hopeless and God seems so distant.

I can truthfully say that I will always have those moments, because I’m human and imperfect. However, me being human should not be an excuse for me to feel hopeless. Matthew Kelly said in the reflection today that sometimes it’s not enough for us to think hopeful thoughts, we have to act on that hope and our actions should be driven by that hope.

May we be filled with more hope in the coming of our Lord this season of Advent.

“Our destination is toward God.” – Day 2

If we know that we are destined for Heaven, wouldn’t we want to work towards that destination? As we enter, approach, and surround ourselves this Advent season on things that truly matter, inspire, and direct us, we need to reflect on the simple blessings that we sometimes fail to see in our lives. These little blessings are God’s way of saying hello!

One of the few things that I wished I should have done more this year is be thankful. Upon reflecting on the things that happened throughout the year, I’ve only ever counted the blessings that brought big announcements, created joyful memories, and those that ended up as Facebook posts. What about those little blessings everyday that go unnnotice? Am I not thankful for those as well?

I’ve always kept this saying at the back of my head, “God is everywhere, God is speaking to us, God wants to be with us, what is Your message to me today?” Life itself gets in the way of these little affirmations that God gives in our lives. We think that God only gives “big” blessings, when everyday He showers us with His blessings. We are just too focused on the “bigger” things that we fail to see His presence through the little blessings.

May we be more active in finding You through our busiest moments.