Something Beautiful – Day 16

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, ’cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I’m in reach
‘Cause I am down on my knees, I’m waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful

I’ve always imagined this song to be the song for my wedding video. Imagine… as the church doors open and as I walk to the altar to meet my groom, smiling at all the other people staring at me, trying to contain the tears that is starting to well up in my eyes, and I imagine… something beautiful. This is something beautiful.

But since I am not even close to being married, the something beautiful I imagine is the birth of Jesus. Imagine… being with Mary and Joseph at the time Jesus was born, isn’t it beautiful? I can hear the angels singing “Gloria”. I can smell the winter air inside the little stable. It feels joyful. The image of Jesus’ birth is joyful.

Okay, okay, I must’ve imagined too far ahead and too far back… where am I leading your thoughts to again? Oh yeah.. have you ever longed for something for so long, and when you finally got it, you feel undeniably happy.

I’m always reminded every time I hear this song, that we already have something beautiful in our lives, we just have to be aware of the little blessings we have by being grateful. Be thankful for everything, because everything does not come easy for everyone.

Contrary to what the song is saying… we don’t have to wait for something beautiful to happen. We can make something beautiful to happen by just being thankful. Being loving. Being joyful.

May our Christmas be filled with more love and joy.


We are called to be missionaries. – Day 15

Contrary to what most people think, I believe we are called to be full-time missionaries. How do you see yourselves three years from now?

Being a missionary for the Lord is summed up by the homily I heard yesterday that quoted the following:

Only tell people about Jesus when you are asked. However, live your life so other people will ask about Jesus.

As we approach Christmas, we have to be reminded about the reason for the season. We can easily be distracted by material preparation, but how about our hearts? Are we ready to be a missionary for Jesus like John who testified to the light?

May we be filled with joy and spread thay joy to others.

Haven’t we had enough? – Day 14

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” || Romans 3:23

Everyday, everywhere there have been multiple accounts of desperate call for help, whether it be through a child being sexually abused, through a mother’s decision to abort her offspring, a father’s dilemma of providing for his family, through the problem of world hunger, political and economic problems of the world… it just would not stop. I (sadly, most of the time) feel hopeless in this world.

The world has gone cold… not only literally because its winter, but cold-cold. It brings me back to a reflection when St. Paul wishes and longs to be brought “out” of this world. To be with God the Father and end the suffering. However, he continues on to say that his purpose to be presently in the world serves the people of God. I simply cannot. Sometimes it’s so easy for me to condemn people of the wrong things they do, and point it out like it is the front page headline in the newspaper. Why? Why are the news always about pointing out all the bad things in the world? Or sometimes reading comments from a video / post can also be disheartening.

Where is the love? Where is the hope?

I hope and pray for peace in the world. For Peace in Christ, because honestly I’ve had enough.

May we create change through ourselves this season.

“Depend on God.” – Day 13

Have you ever felt miserable, not because you hate your life, but because it seems that you are living too much of your life? I think I am where at that stage where I need a break from this world of mine filled with too much commitments. I am physically, mentally, spirituallt exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing. It’s always on the go, but sometimes I just need a break. It’s like the only way I’m going to get a break is if I am physically sick and incapable.

To cut, it short, it’s so hard for me to depend on God. I know He will always provide. He will always satisfy. He has a plan. But most times, I know for sure that I depend too much on my own capabilities that I get burnt out. My thirst has been quenched too much. I need to stop always living like Marta and take a step back and listen to Jesus like Mary.

May we prepare ourselves rejoicing.

“Just do it.” – Day 12

“You care too much.” My coworker had told me today. I do care too much. I worked an hour early and left an hour past my shift because of all the things we have to do at work. Honestly, it made me think… I do care too much. Even if it is already out of my capacity. It’s also unrecognized, unnoticed, or never mentioned ever on how much effort I put in my work. I care too much.

But the thing is, I don’t really do it because I care. I do it because I have to. I do it because I need to. And I guess my connection to today’s reflection is the same, no matter how much good we do in life. It will not always be recognized. You just do it because of the need. Jesus needs Your hands, eyes, ears, and mouth. Just do it for Jesus.

May we have more strength to go through each day.

“We cannot do it alone.” – Day 11

I finished my first and last exam this semester. And yes, I am taking night classes in case you were wondering. I have missed this feeling of being “free” after exams. It’s like you’ve been freed from your sins and you can’t help but celebrate.

My point of my reflection today is the power of prayer. I have a lot of intercessors in my life–my family, friends, and even coworkers. Every time there is a big decision or event happening in my life they have always been there to pray for me. They are a big part of my success, health, and spiritual well being. And I realize that we cannot go on this journey alone. We need the people around us who makes us a better version of ourselves.

May we be surrounded with more love and hope this Christmas through family and friends.

“The Body of Christ” – Day 10

The reflection today talks about our awareness in our everyday lives. Society today draws more and more attention to success, wealth, and fame. We forget to be aware of the little things around us that doesn’t involve as such. It’s sad because it even happens in the church. We forget about what keeps us together. We forget that we have the Body of Christ. We take it for granted therefore ends up being a norm in our lives.

But the Body of Christ should not become a norm, because it should always transform. When we ourselves do not transform, then our awareness of Christ is lost in just a mere practice of tradition. The essence of Christ should always ignite our frail hearts leading us to a more passion in our faith and life. We are what we eat. We should start becoming like one.

May we be filled with more of You, Lord.