2nd Sunday of Lent 2017 – REALITY.

It’s becoming more difficult. I know what God wants of me. I know what I have to do. Every day has been a struggle to find the best version of myself, because everyday brings its own challenges. Reality check– we are not perfect beings. We will be tempted and we will fail. The struggle comes when you know exactly what to do, but you choose not to do them. Why? Because we forget! I forget! I forget my purpose, my goal, my vision, and yes–my God.

The Gospel today teaches us that Jesus is the bridge that connects man to God. His transfiguration confirms His Majesty! Peter, James, and John must have thought they were dreaming. Jesus could have easily told the three, “Peace out I’m leaving with Elijah and Moses!” No. He chose to stay and do the inevitable. He chose us. He did not forget his purpose.

Reality is we forget what Jesus had done for us. We KNOW He died for us. As Christians that fact is already embedded in our minds and our hearts. What we always seem to forget is the why. Jesus loves us so much, let’s not choose to always forget.

Give me the grace to stay true to Your teachings.



#BestLentEver – Day 10. DISTRACTED.

“Death changes our perspective on things…”

Depends on the relationship or how senstive you are about the people around you, death either way will leave a mark on everyone. If a death of a person creates an automatic feeling of empathy towards the person who’ve experienced the loss, what more will be the impact on someone if the person they lost died for them.

Jesus. Holy King! Jesus is the Holy King!

We do not realize this often (or maybe we just choose to forget often), but Jesus’ death on a cross left a mark on the world–Christian or non-Christian, both historically and spiritually! Jesus’ death created a mark of unconditional love. A love that we can never replace. Just as how we can be blinded by someone we love. Jesus was blinded by His immense love for us! We choose to ignore this often, because distraction is always creeping behind us.

I am a really distracted person. I’m like a squirrel, everytime I see something interesting I focus my attention on that something. Hmm. See I just got distracted there. My point is, I really need to start focusing my attention to the things that matter and stop getting distracted by things that can never satisfy.

Help me never to forget You.


#BestLentEver – Day 9. Healthy.

“Are you spiritually healthy?”

It’s probably not the right moment for me to be writing. I can’t even seem to finish my thought process…

Am I spiritually healthy? As much as I want to say yes, I’m really not. I strive to be spiritually healthy, just as I strive to go to the gym everyday to be physically healthy. However, I noticed being the human that I am, I seem to focus more on the physical aspect of things. I want to look good in front of people. Why do I care so much?

Every time I go to confession, I have to admit that one of the things I really struggle with is having a constant prayer time. I suck at it. I am saying it again, because I really do. The intention is there, but I can’t seem to get myself to focus on God. My mind constantly battles with this push and pull motion of desire to sit in silence. With the growing number of responsibilities as we become more “adult” like, our focus on life is no longer justified by how we live but defined by what we live for. What do we really live for?

Lord, help me experience more of You.


#BestLentEver – Day 8. Almighty.


Matthew Kelly posed the question today on how do we see or experience God in our lives. It made me think about how I always see Him as the Almighty and Powerful; just as He was, is, and is to come. As Christians, that is one of our basic understanding of who God is–Almighty and Powerful; just as He was portrayed in the Old Testament.

We had LBS (Liturgical Bible Study) Thursday today and as we talked about the Gospel reading for this Sunday, Jesus was portrayed magnificently side by side Moses and Elijah. Jesus’ ultimate “selfie” or rather, image for us Christians has always been His crucifixion. Our discussion tonight had me thinking how Jesus the Almighty, magnificently portrayed by John and Peter, chose to die on the Cross for us! “THY WILL BE DONE” indeed.

Now as I reflect back to Matthew’s question, “How do I see God?” I always try to look back to what Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s favorite line of Jesus, “I thirst.” Jesus’ thirst not only portrays His physical thirst for something to drink, but His thirst for our love for Him.

I thirst for more of You, Jesus.


#BestLentEver – Day 7. Prayer.

“Lord, thank You.”

I admit. I suck at prayer. Well, I don’t suck at it. No one sucks at praying. What I really mean to say is… my life really revolves around being busy by doing nothing at all. I have time! I just choose to have time to do something else. And I don’t really know why.

Don’t judge me… I do pray everyday. But the thing is, my prayers have become repetitive and very robotic at times. “Thank You for the blessings… sorry for being impatient today. Help me do this or that…” It seems that my prayers usually just ends up being mindless requests and petitions. There are times of course, where I would really have a good prayer time… but it’s not constant because my mind is like a squirrel. I’m so distracted it’s frustrating. I think too much at times that I forget I am in prayer. Sometimes I need to force myself into meditation to actually focus my mind on God. I know I need to make more time. I need to sit in actual silence.

Help me feel You and hear You despite the wordly noise.


#BestLentEver – Day 6. Satisfaction.

“What is God trying to tell me today?”

… is the one constant question I ask myself everyday–mostly because I find that most days God is so silent that I can barely hear Him!

I lost my patience today, not because I was unaware… I was completely aware but chose to ignore, to control, to resist. I chose to let my emotions get to me. I find that the underlying cause of my frustrations is also equivalent to the level of my satisfaction–satisfaction in work and relationships; satisfaction in finances and being in control; satisfaction in my overall accomplishment in life.

When I am not satisfied–my emotions tend to get the best of me. When my expectations are not met–I blame it all on God or the people around me! We’re dissatisfied because certain events did not meet our expectations. Why am I always dissatisfied? I probably took the wrong fork.

Help me see Your message through my dissatisfaction.


#BestLentEver – Day 5. Burden.

As I sat in reflection and thought about what God message for me today, I realized that I am so out of it. I couldn’t even make myself go to daily mass because I felt so lazy! I texted my boyfriend earlier today saying that I’m just not in the mood and that everyone was getting on my nerves. Might be the Monday blues… always blame the Monday blues. No. It’s this constant struggle or question within me that I cannot help but come back to over and over again…

What am I doing with my life?

I know… I know I shouldn’t complain. I know I should be thankful. I’m blessed to have this life… but I would always have that constant pressure or voice inside me yelling in my ears, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Am I just settling for something less than what I’m supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to do?

Help me to always have hope for things yet unseen.