#BestLentEver – Day 34. Available.

It’s funny how sometimes we become so ignorant of the things so common and we end up looking foolish in front of everyone. It’s the same with our faith. Sometimes we choose to ignore the things we know, not because we don’t care, but because we don’t want to look foolish in front of God.

“Use me, Lord!”

When we say those words, are we genuinely asking God to use us or are we really just saying, “Use me, after I finish my school.” Or “You can use me after I get this promotion.”


Because we really aren’t available for Him most times… because we fill our available/free time on something else other than work on our faith.

I hope that we find strength to offer up our time and service for God.




Author: MK

Daily, I seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to deliver the message of the Lord. I aim to reach out to the unreachable, and everyday I strive to live a holy life. I know I am not perfect but I know God's love is real. I am a Catholic, a pro-lifer without a doubt and I desire to live and love purely. Disclaimer: The things I write about in this blog are my views entirely and do not reflect the views of my employer, or any of the organizations I am affiliated with.

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