#BestLentEver – Day 20. The Voice.

If you watch the reality show called, “The Voice” you probably know that judges turn their chair around because the contestant singing has that certain voice that caught their attention. The contestants’ voices are the same voices we hear in our lives. We can choose to turn or not turn. When our mind is clouded with wordly thoughts we tend to focus ourselves in the voices of the world. We try to fit in the world and even turn our lives around to make people want us. We get consumed by our thoughts that it shuts out God’s voice in our lives.

Why? I always ask why because I genuinely want to know. I catch myself doing things I shouldn’t be doing or say things I shouldn’t be saying but I still do/say them anyway. Why? Because God’s voice is too blurred. We turn our lives for the wrong reasons and motivations that His voice gets put aside.

When will we turn around for God? When will you?

Help me to turn to only Your voice in my life.

Pls. pray for the world.


Author: MK

Daily, I seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to deliver the message of the Lord. I aim to reach out to the unreachable, and everyday I strive to live a holy life. I know I am not perfect but I know God's love is real. I am a Catholic, a pro-lifer without a doubt and I desire to live and love purely. Disclaimer: The things I write about in this blog are my views entirely and do not reflect the views of my employer, or any of the organizations I am affiliated with.

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