#BestLentEver – Day 14. Decisions.

“Where do you want to eat?”

…is one of the questions that I always have a hard time deciding. There are just so many options out there that I just can’t miss out on. And when I do finally decide on where to eat, it is mostly based on what I feel.

I feel like telling you that you are useless. You are useless. (I wanted to tell one of my colleagues at work today. Forgive me Father.) Of course, I did not tell him. I called him out subtly, but I did not tell him how I felt. Why? Because it’s wrong to hurt other people.

Most of the time we focus on our feelings so much that we base our decisions on what we feel. We forget that decisions should be based on the answer to the question, “what will make me a better person?” Or if it’s a long term, more difficult decision, “what is the next loving thing to do?”

No. We do not ask those questions, because most of us are impulsive beings. We’re not perfect. We don’t always make the right decisions, but being able to make the right decisions comes with practice of the mind and heart. Mind, by knowing God and heart, by loving God.

Help me to know and love You more.

Pray for me. Pray for the world.



Author: MK

Daily, I seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to deliver the message of the Lord. I aim to reach out to the unreachable, and everyday I strive to live a holy life. I know I am not perfect but I know God's love is real. I am a Catholic, a pro-lifer without a doubt and I desire to live and love purely. Disclaimer: The things I write about in this blog are my views entirely and do not reflect the views of my employer, or any of the organizations I am affiliated with.

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