#BestLentEver – Day 8. Almighty.


Matthew Kelly posed the question today on how do we see or experience God in our lives. It made me think about how I always see Him as the Almighty and Powerful; just as He was, is, and is to come. As Christians, that is one of our basic understanding of who God is–Almighty and Powerful; just as He was portrayed in the Old Testament.

We had LBS (Liturgical Bible Study) Thursday today and as we talked about the Gospel reading for this Sunday, Jesus was portrayed magnificently side by side Moses and Elijah. Jesus’ ultimate “selfie” or rather, image for us Christians has always been His crucifixion. Our discussion tonight had me thinking how Jesus the Almighty, magnificently portrayed by John and Peter, chose to die on the Cross for us! “THY WILL BE DONE” indeed.

Now as I reflect back to Matthew’s question, “How do I see God?” I always try to look back to what Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s favorite line of Jesus, “I thirst.” Jesus’ thirst not only portrays His physical thirst for something to drink, but His thirst for our love for Him.

I thirst for more of You, Jesus.



Author: MK

Daily, I seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to deliver the message of the Lord. I aim to reach out to the unreachable, and everyday I strive to live a holy life. I know I am not perfect but I know God's love is real. I am a Catholic, a pro-lifer without a doubt and I desire to live and love purely. Disclaimer: The things I write about in this blog are my views entirely and do not reflect the views of my employer, or any of the organizations I am affiliated with.

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